Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Camp Doug

Mom, I hope you're not offended by the fact that we've started calling the family cabin Camp Doug after dad.  Kelly started it actually.  She wants to send her boys there to have dad teach them the ways of the woods, take apart toasters and rebuild them and other such boyish delights.

We dabbled in a few such woodsy gaieties this past weekend.  There was frog and toad hunting by lamp light.  

We picked a bounty of choke cherries and made their juice into jelly using the camp stove.

Maxwellie caught his first fish.  Ever.  It's a rock bass in case you're not familiar with them.  

Channing was determined to catch a Walleye.  He did!!  Although he flat out refused to touch it for his picture.

We took a boat ride one evening.  Max was a little scared.  Well, maybe more than a little, but he was a trooper.

I'm looking forward to the day the boys all go to Camp Doug for their multitude of camp activities.  Until then, I will continue to soak up family time.  Every last drop.  

Monday, July 28, 2014


(Apparently, this didn't publish last Wednesday. The Blogger interface on the iPad is less than stellar. With my laptop in the repair shop-new hard drive & expanded data storage- my blogging resources were limited. Can't let this day go by unrecognized so here's a look at our celebration a little later than hoped.)

Today, Sophie's four. We celebrated her sweet life with strawberry art projects and strawberry cake and strawberry colored balloons.  

Channing insisted we send the balloons to heaven.

We did. The boys were amazed. I thought there would be tears when we couldn't get the balloons back. There was just awe. And selflessness. Channing was genuinely happy to be sending birthday balloons to heaven. 

Happy birthday bitty girl. You're loved. You're missed. Hope you like your balloons. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014

S'more fun

Sorry.  I simply couldn't resist the pun.  Between a fun, new cook book Channing received from Kath by way of her recent Alaskan adventure and our June camping-themed Kiwi Crate, our afternoon was s'more fun than most.  

It's been a while since I let the kids have at it in the kitchen, giving into the inevitable mess and just enjoying their glee as I stand back and watch.  Today was one of those days.  There may have been a few spills, but the end result-ooey, gooey s'more-filled goodness.  Worth it.  So.  Worth.  It.  

And, as long as we were having campfire snacks, why not make an actual campfire, right?  This one was courtesy of Kiwi Crate.  I subscribed us for the summer months knowing there would be a rainy day here or there that needed a source of entertainment other than the iPad or TV.  June's crate theme:  Camping.

This was by far one of my favorite crates.  This campfire is well thought out.  There is a little fire ring made of clay and rocks.  The fire itself is a plastic cup and tissue paper.  It makes a cover for a flickering, battery-operated tea light.  With a skewer and a cotton ball, our indoor camping experience is complete.  

This kids are having a blast with them.  Although, poor Maxwellie keeps burning his marshmallows.  

Channing:  "Max!  Max!!  Your marshmallow is on fire!!!"

Maxwell:  [blowing]

Friday, June 06, 2014

Pass the donuts, please.

Channing, would you like a donut to go with those sprinkles?  Really, you must believe me. There are donuts under there.  

Surely, you've heard today is National Donut Day.  We celebrated.  Not that we need an excuse to eat a donut, but still...So I whipped up a batch (Do you call it that when the recipe makes only 6?), Channing helped to glaze them and then added a whole.  lot.  of.  sprinkles.  

Yes, I'm tooting my own horn here.  They were delicious!! 

Just ask Kiera.  By the time she finished, she had chocolate from ear to ear.

And, if Mary & I wouldn't have stopped her, she would have cleaned this plate too.  

Yep, those are all of the sprinkles that didn't stick to the donuts.  Channing was very, very enthusiastic in his sprinkle application.  Wouldn't you agree??

Happy National Donut Day to each and every one of you.  Hope your day was a sugar-filled as ours.  

Sunday, May 11, 2014

I walked

Today, I walked in honor of those who have fought this awful disease and lost.

Today, I walked in support of my dear, sweet friend, Leanne, who's faith never.  ever.  waivers.  as she fights for her life.

Today, I walked in solidarity with the other pink shirted survivors in the crowd.

Today, I walked in gratitude for my family & friends.

Today, I walked in celebration of my wild & precious life.  

 Today, I walked.

Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Rite Of Passage

Channing discovered his first loose tooth this morning.  Well, his first two loose teeth.  Bottom.  Front.  They wiggled, one more than the other.  

By his reaction, you'd have thought it was Christmas, Easter & his birthday all rolled into one and these joyous occasions were being celebrated at Walt Disney World.  He was excited.  That excited.

Of course, he was quick to ask 'when?'  I guessed by Friday.  Then Friday changed to Wednesday.  He'd ask me to jiggle it.  It was loose.  Really loose.  I had to fight the urge to pull it out.  I wanted to.  Really.  Really.  Bad.  

Then tonight, in jest, I told him 'Oh just yank it out already.'  And, to my surprise and his delight, he did.  

Thank heaven for Lego treasure chests.  He's got a safe place to put his little tooth while he drifts off to sleep and awaits the arrival of the tooth fairy.  


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Charmed, I'm sure

Several months ago, we were the proud owners of an ill-fated beta fish. Horribly ill-fated. Sharky lived with us for a matter of hours.  Channing managed somehow to drop an iPad on him. I'm still uncertain as to how that event played out.  Lesson learned. A fish is not the right pet for a curious, hands-on young lad such as Channing. 
Enter Charmy, the leopard gecko. She's outlasted Sharky by weeks. Both of the boys are completely mesmerized by her. They dote on her.  I've overheard Channing crooning, 'How's my little girl?' To her on countless occasions. 
Her name?  Well, that's a cute story. We got Charmy shortly after St. Patrick's Day. Leprechauns on the brain, Channing kept confusing the words leprechaun and leopard.  He was getting a leprechaun gecko.  He has a love of the cereal Lucky Charms. He calls them Charmys.  See how that worked?  Lucky Charms + leprechaun gecko = Charmy. 

She's docile.  She's tolerant of little hands that on occasion grab instead of scoop to pick her up. We have all enjoyed the show she puts on at dinner time, stalking crickets and worms with tail-shaking enthusiasm.  He's (mostly) gentle.  He's diligent about making sure she's got enough to eat and to drink.  He helps to clean her habitat to the best of his five-year-old ability.  He talks to her. He shows her all his favorite toys and holds her so she too can listen to his bedtime story. 

Maxine came to coffee this morning. Channing told her it's too bad she hasn't had a sleepover at our house so she can see Charmy eat.  He's proud of his little pet.  And I am proud of him.